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© 2016 by Tom Garden.

“Tom did an amazing job illustrating our weekly features. He was always on time delivering creative and insightful graphics which added meaning and life to the text. Tom's style was on point with our target audience and conversational in tone, I loved this because it wasn't just illustration 'for the point of it' but instead encouraged active readership. I'd love to work with Tom again in the future, he was polite, professional and had an amazing vision.” 

—  Gala Hesson, Technical Editor/Publication Designer at Critic Magazine

Since starting as a Feelance artist, I have worked on many different visual projects. All of which demands a high quality of work, fast output and an ability to communicate with the client to create work that satisfies.

In 2016, I was awarded a scholarship to study at the online institution, CG Spectrum specializing in Concept Art. The course was taught by leading industry professionals who have worked in studios such as EA, Disney Animation Studio, Activition, Blizzard, Capcom among others. Because of it's focus on the concept art side of the production pipeline, I have  a great understanding of the roles concept artists have in today's industry and have  become an effective artist for the development of games, films and animation. 

I currently work on a range of visual projects - mostly specializing in game art. I have created a bunch of 'sprite' game assets and front-end game art and have recently been working on projects creating and texturing 3d models.

I helped design characters and environments for an RPG game funded by the Australian Government. Work on this project included environment art, character design and clothing design, mechanical/technological architecture, logo designs, graphic designs and a comic series for their upcoming website relating to the game. 

I have over five years experience as a freelance illustrator and a degree in Visual Arts and an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media.

I also work as a Tattoo Artist which I find to be a fascinating mix of art and application. It allows me to practice a different sort of design which in turn has helped me overall as an illustrator.


I now live in Dunedin, New Zealand and continue to work with a number of clients overseas. 

For details on my work experience, visit my LinkedIn at:





"Tom is a brilliant artist with a fantastic mind. He was able to interpret quite dry topics and create some really engaging content for us and our clients. Great job!"                                                            - Lucas Jolley. Creative strategist at Engagis