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© 2016 by Tom Garden.

“Tom did an amazing job illustrating our weekly features. He was always on time delivering creative and insightful graphics which added meaning and life to the text. Tom's style was on point with our target audience and conversational in tone, I loved this because it wasn't just illustration 'for the point of it' but instead encouraged active readership. I'd love to work with Tom again in the future, he was polite, professional and had an amazing vision.” 

—  Gala Hesson, Technical Editor/Publication Designer at Critic Magazine

System Earth: DeathBattle at Woodhill Mall is about a man named Nelson who's mind has been implanted into a Robot's body. In his search for his human body, Nelson is swept up amongst a fight between humans and vigilante robots and the whacky characters that are amongst them. He also discovers his purpose and why he was the cause of this weird experiment...


Sales for these Issues are limited due to limited stock. I intend to finish the last issue then slap 'em together and sell the one product as a graphic novel. This is a project very close to my heart but at the moment, I have put other priorities in front of it so I'm unsure when this will get finished, I'm hoping 2018 but we'll see!

Below are the pages for issue #5. Ironically, this is the only issue without the main character Nelson, but I think it's a great example of what this comics all about: